• Do you ever feel "frozen" in guilt?

    Guilt is a very strange and powerful emotion that strikes us unexpectedly. A person could be washing their car and unexpectedly have a memory triggered. Or someone could make a comment intending it one way that is received totally differently leaving a load of guilt behind.

    Have you been "there"? Some people deal with such overwhelming guilt that it isn't just an occasional occurrence, it's an everyday part of life. Guilt takes a paralyzing toll on a person.

    This Sunday, I'll be talking about how to "let go" of guilt. Obviously, God doesn't want us to walk around with a burden like that on us. Even though most of us know [intellectually] that we shouldn't carry it around, we often struggle practically to let it go.

    If that describes you in any way, then Sunday might be "just for you." I would encourage you to come and consider the words of Jesus in Matthew 11:28-30.

    "Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." This weekend, I'm going to teach on how to let go of guilt.

    THE FROZEN SISTERS @ City Kids THIS Sunday @ 10:10am

    Let's face it, a "Let Go" series wouldn't feel complete without a visit from the Frozen Sisters. So, get ready to invite people who have kids! On Sunday July 27th, we'll be having our first ever kids worship service in the Community Center.

    What will we be doing? First, the Frozen Sisters will be available for photos after service for kids and adults. Second, the kids will sing some of the songs. Third (most importantly), there will be a spiritual tie-in and a chance for kids to learn about Christ in an age-appropriate way.

    Time to invite friends with kids up to 14! We are praying for our kids ministry to see some amazing fruit from this day. Start reaching out to your friends and family with kids about it now. 

    Progress Report on the Building

    We have almost completed the first month of our "soft launch" at the new campus. Some of you might be wondering... how is the progress coming? Great question. Here are a few pieces of information.

    1. God is providing. With as much money as we've had going out due to the needed repairs, we have kept up thanks to this church's "above and beyond" generosity. We still have a long ways to go, so if you have not yet made a gift to the building, you can do so here. Just remember to select the "Building Campaign" option.

    2. Kids rooms are 2-4 weeks away from being ready. Pastor Rick and his father-in-law deserve serious HIGH FIVES. They have been busting their tails every day painting the rooms. Primary colors are now up on all the walls. We just have accent walls, touch-up, and flooring to go.

    3. We are still shooting for a "Grand Opening" month in September. We aren't going to just have a "Grand Opening" Sunday, we're going to make it a month. Odds are, there will still be a lot we are figuring out, but that is the plan. We'll celebrate our fifth birthday Sunday September 7th and have lots of special things happening.

    4. We're still doing LOTS of cleaning. Our goal is to have every downstairs room cleared out and clean within the next month. If you have time to give, please email alyson@lovehopecity.com your availability and skills.

    5. Thank you for your patience as we figure stuff out.

  • Why Christmas In July?

    We now have two Sundays under our belt at our new campus! As always, Christafari was a lot of fun last week. This upcoming Sunday, we'll be doing "Christmas in July" and even singing some of your favorite carols!

    Some of you might be wondering... WHY?

    There are two reasons. First and foremost, because this Sunday I am going to be talking about "Letting go of doubt." Springing off that topic, I will discuss something I've not preached on much - why the Virgin Birth is so critical to the Christian faith. Let's face it, it's a difficult concept to explain to our friends who don't yet know Jesus. If we're honest, it's even hard for believers to wrap their minds around. So I will be explaining about the Virgin Birth specifically, but I will go more broadly after that to discuss why we doubt in general.

    Do you know a doubter? Is there someone you know who is always skeptical whenever you talk about your faith? If so, this is a good weekend to bring them. Whether you are that doubter yourself or know one close to you, this weekend could be helpful for you to find some answers you are seeking.

    What is the second reason? Because I like Christmas. Keep scrolling... nothing else to say here. =)


    Got plans tonight? If not, you should come hang out with us at our very first Potluck/Game Night. It will be happening on our campus inside the Community Center building.

    You don't "have to" bring anything, but it would be great if you can.

    We have no agenda for this time other than to enjoy some food and play some games. To make sure there is plenty of food for everyone, drinks, main courses, and side dishes are all needed items. Please also bring a game you might want to play as well.

    Let Lisa know if you are coming and what you are bringing by emailing her at lisa@lovehopecity.com

    FROZEN SISTERS @ CITY KIDS Sunday July 27th @ 10:10am

    Let's face it, a "Let Go" series wouldn't feel complete without a visit from the Frozen Sisters. So, get ready to invite people who have kids! On Sunday July 27th, we'll be having our first ever kids worship service in the Community Center.

    What will we be doing? First, the Frozen Sisters will be available for photos after service. Second, the kids will sing some of the songs. Third (most importantly), there will be a spiritual tie-in and a chance for kids to understand their faith in a new, age-appropriate way.

    Please start spreading the word! We are praying for our kids ministry to see some amazing fruit from this day. Start reaching out to your friends and family with kids about it now. 

  • What do you say when "WOW" isn't enough?

    Sitting down to write this email, I struggle to find the words to adequately describe all God did last Sunday. What do I say when "WOW" isn't enough? How do I encapsulate into words the unique celebratory work the Spirit did?

    Simply put: GOD IS AWESOME. I keep thinking I am going to wake up from this amazing dream. The best part: last week was only the beginning!

    ONE Quick #GodStory I have to share.

    Last Sunday, City Church started the service by doing communion as our first act of worship in the new building. Since the beginning, we have done it by walking up to the cross - a great response, unless someone struggles to walk! When Bobby Estavillo (sporting his tats and usual big smile) saw that it would be difficult for some to walk down to the front, he sprinted from where he was sitting to the kitchen, grabbed cups and crackers, and personally served everyone that needed it. Gives me goosebumps!

    Okay ONE MORE #GodStory. Two people who came on Sunday (who don't know each other) both told me that years and years ago (one more than 10-15, the other more than that), they used to go to church in what is now our new building. They said it was a bit like "coming full circle" as they walked in the doors again. Share your #GodStory on our Facebook page and read more here.

    My prayer for this new campus: this morning in my quiet time I ready Micah 5:4-5. It is a Messianic prophecy in the Old Testament that speaks of what Jesus will do when He comes. It reads...

    "And He shall stand and shepherd His flock in the strength of the Lord, in the majesty of the name of the Lord His God. And they shall dwell secure, for now He shall be great to the ends of the earth. And HE shall be their peace."

    Friends, my prayer for this new campus is that Jesus would guide us every step of the way. As long as we keep that front and center, we can have absolute confidence that the Lord will continue to work wonders among us. What do you guys say... should we do it again this Sunday at 10:10am?


    It's our desire at City Church that every Sunday be Spirit-filled, joyful, and memorable in some way. As a church, we want you to know that every Sunday is a good one to bring a friend.

    This Sunday, we have the very special treat of having Gospel Reggae Band CHRISTAFARI!

    If you have never heard them lead worship, you in for a treat. Simply put, this band knows how to bring the joy and the presence of the Lord.

    Here are a few things for Sunday...

    1. Get ready to praise Jesus!

    2. City Kids will continue to be in the Community Center until the rooms are ready.

    3. Remember that this is still the "soft launch" and that there will be things that aren't right or working how they should be. We appreciate your patience as we continue to transform the campus into what God wants it to be.


    Are you ready for the launch of Summer Small Groups this Sunday? Don't miss the chance to join a group. We have groups every day of the week and can't wait for you to be a part of one. Small groups are the HUB of our church so make sure you get connected into one this Sunday. Check out the groups on our website at lovehopecity.com/smallgroups

  • A New Chapter

    Last week we closed our "Chain Reaction" chapter of nearly five years. If you were there, I think you would agree with me when I say God did it in pretty epic "City Church" style. If you missed the video we showed, watch it here now (and have a tissue box handy). =)

    And just like that... our new journey begins!

    We have hit the ground running over here at the new campus at 701 W. Broadway. We have people working virtually all day every day to get the campus in shape for the "soft launch" this Sunday at 10:10am. Let me specify again...

    This is a "SOFT LAUNCH." There are a lot of things that aren't going to be ready. One time I went to Disneyland and they were working on the Finding Nemo Submarine. They had these little holes you could peek through to see the work, but that was it... this week might feel a bit like that.

    Let me share a few things to be prepared for this Sunday.

    1. City Kids will be happening in the Community Center (formerly known as the Fellowship Hall). We had hoped to have the kids' rooms ready by Sunday, but between paint issues and delays with carpet orders, they won't be. We hope to have the kids' rooms open and ready sometime within the next month or two. We are working on it, but that's where we're at for right now. It will still be fun, clean, and safe, they just won't be in their usual areas (yet).

    2. We need as many of you as possible to park at the library across the street. Quite frankly, we don't know what to expect in terms of crowds, but if last week was an indication of anything... it's better to be prepared. So if you can, please arrive a little early and allow time to cross the street (legally please).

    3. We are having a "Hot Dog BBQ" after the service. We wanted to do more than that, but the cost of meat is so high that we decided... hot dogs it is! If you'd like to, we are asking people to consider bringing side dishes. We'll have tables set up in the courtyard. Just drop off your stuff in a cooler before service around that area and we'll be good to go. Email Alyson@LoveHopeCity.com if you can bring something (no worries if you can't).

    4. It will probably be a bit warm in the sanctuary on Sunday. We are pricing out some air conditioning repairs needed for the sanctuary, but it will most likely be a while as we are looking at anywhere from $8-$20 thousand dollars to fix the issues. Please bring a little fan and dress cooler.

    That's it... come on out this Sunday to open a new chapter at City Church with us!


    It has been so cool to see the young all the way up to the "seasoned" saints getting stuff DONE at our Saturday serve days. To date, we have cleared out 6-8 rooms, primed 90% of the interior courtyard, primed most of the kids' rooms, started bringing the gardening back to life, and much more all with smiles on our faces!

    This Saturday from 8am-12pm is the last serve day before the launch.

    We will be finishing the prime on the interior courtyard and (hopefully) painting color on those walls so they aren't primed white anymore. Bring paint clothes again and get ready to have fun!

    Bring a bag of trash home with you? This is an odd request, but it would be awesome if each of you that comes could bring a bag of trash home with you. Our dumpster fills up very fast and we need to have some room in it for Sunday.



    We are very excited for the launch of Summer Small Groups. Though groups won't be starting until Sunday the 13th, sign-ups are happening THIS SUNDAY! We will be continuing to update our website/bulletins with new groups as they come up. Small groups are the HUB of our church so make sure you get connected into one this Sunday.

  • We're leaving...

    To anyone who might have freaked out reading that headline... Lisa and I aren't leaving the church. Truth is - ALL OF US ARE LEAVING! Well, we aren't actually leaving... we're just moving!

    This picture to the right was snapped right before the first Sunday ever at Chain Reaction. When I saw it, I felt that it told a story worth sharing again today as this Sunday will be our last. Week after week, amazing teams of volunteers have stepped up to the plate to transform this space into a house of praise, teaching, prayer, and worship for Jesus. It's wild to think that this chapter in our church's story is coming to a close. For almost five years, we have carted in chairs, TV's, sound equipment, backdrops, kids supplies, coffee, tables, and on and on. This Sunday, we'll do it one last time.

    Our final "Farewell Chain Reaction" service is this Sunday at 9:09am and 11:11am. We have invited our newest friends from Portico to join us for this service before the big move. Pray for the Spirit of God to do an amazing work in our church on Sunday as well as in your life.

    Bring a friend! This weekend is bound to be unforgettable, please take a bit of extra effort to bring someone to church on Sunday. Lastly... PLEASE PARK OFF SITE IF YOU CAN (especially 2nd service).

    Last Vision Night @ Our New Campus (Sun June 29 @ 6:06pm)

    As a church, we shy away from calling anything "mandatory" because we think that the greatest visions are followed willingly. So... we're not saying this is "mandatory," but let's just say we "strongly recommend" you come if you haven't already.

    The content at both nights is identical. We are only asking you to attend ONE of the two nights. We recognize it's unrealistic to expect all of you to be available on the same night, so we are giving you two different options.

    The bottom line is: if you call City Church "home," we want you there so you can know the vision for the new campus and prayerfully consider how God may be asking you to participate in making it a home for our church. 

    CHURCH WORKDAYS - PAINT PARTY (Next 2 Saturdays)

    Last weekend over forty volunteers got together to clear out lots of classrooms to get the campus ready. We filled an entire dumpster in less than two hours. This Saturday, we will be PAINTING!

    Can YOU help?

    Our "paint party" workdays will be:

    Saturday June 28th - 8am-12pm.

    Saturday July 5th - 8am-12pm.

    If you would like to sign up now, email lisa@lovehopecity.com or come to the info table on Sunday.


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